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To Develop Consumer Products of Natural Origin To Monitor Production by the designated manufacturer for purity of natural ingredients, compliance of the prescribed production process and quality control. To Market natural products as produced above for consumer use. To Disseminate AWARENESS on: General health issues relevant to natural products and Specific Health issues relevant to our products.

GHP- Naturals (India) and ghpnaturalsindia. com are owned by Manjit Kaur Sharma

The formulations are based on Dr. Manjit Kaur Sharma’s research on natural products.

Dr. Manjit Kaur Sharma the owner of GHP- Naturals (India) is also the inventor of the formulations:

She is an allopathic doctor educated and trained in India, the UK and USA. She has clinical and clinical research experience of over four decades in immunology, its related fields and in pediatrics in India, Iran, the UK USA, research publications and scientific presentations in international journals and scientific forums. She is a pioneer in establishing specialized diagnostic services in immunology and related fields in Delhi and North India. She holds an Indian patent for a mass screening kit for Thalassemia trait.


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