I, the owner and director of GHP – Naturals (India) am committed to developing and making available natural oil formulations for restoration of natural health of hair, skin, and muscle and joints. Formulations ready for use have been found to be clinically effective and many more are in the process of being clinically evaluated for their restorative properties. Who am I?
  • I am a medical doctor educated and trained in India, the UK and USA.
  • I have clinical and research experience of over four decades in immunology, its related fields and pediatrics in India, Iran,  the UK and USA with research publications and scientific presentations in international journals and scientific forums.
  • I am a pioneer in establishing specialized diagnostic services in immunology and related fields in Delhi and north India.
  • I hold an Indian patent for a mass screening kit for Thallassemia trait.
  • I grow , cook and preserve home grown fruits and vegetables free from chemical fertilizers, insecticides and chemical preservatives
So, why should I, after a well earned retirement, choose to plunge into a new venture? Three words say it all; disillusionment, concern and introspection. More on this later.
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