Back to Nature and Naturals: Why?

Is it just a craze and an opportunity to get on the commercial band wagon or an urgent need of the times?

My concerns as expressed in:

‘Excerpts from a letter written to my son and daughter on 7.10.2015 ‘

If Twentieth Century can be described as Golden Era of Man’s success story of unravelling mysteries of nature encompassing every aspect of human existence then Twenty First Century no doubt will be known for heralding an era of introspection and reversal to Nature. In pursuit of more, an injudicious exploitation of rewards of 20th century has caused a major shift in the biological and ecological balances of nature and the result is for all to see: We ‘Breath Poison’, we Eat ‘Poison’ and we live in a perpetual state of ‘ Mental Stress’. It is therefore not surprising that across the continents ordinary people, let alone professional, have already started searching ways and means to revert back to nature by sourcing their needs from natural products, abundantly present in flora and fauna of the planet Earth.

Decades of experience in the medical field only strengthened my conviction for a similar need to revert back to nature and natural products as one saw repeatedly, what the Allopathic medicines did to the human body for achieving no success or varying degree of success, in treating the disease for which they were being prescribed. Quite disillusioned, more and more professionals have started practicing  alternate medicine much to the displeasure of  vested interests who are now vehemently opposing this changing trend.

It is not just about time that steps are taken by one and all, to promote  healthy living on this planet by replacing existing poisonous and self destroying consumer products with safe and natural products  at  an affordable price but also, an urgent need of the present and a formidable challenge of the Twenty First Century.

Good Luck!

Love you,