GHP -Naturals( India): Founders Message

Disillusionment, Concern and Introspection of a clinical research scientist has led to Green Home Products -Naturals (India) nay
GHP-Naturals (India) ‘s journey “BACK TO NATURE”.

A witness for decades to the changing pattern of morbidity and mortality of disease all over the world, it is difficult to overlook what is becoming obvious: Infections, infestations and malnutrition getting replaced by allergies, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and other stress related psychiatric problems and more recently by cancers and that to, increasingly, in a much younger age group. It is, therefore, only natural to ask ourselves,”where did we go wrong?” and “what can we do to rectify it?” It require introspection by One and All.

At GHP- Naturals (India) we have pledged ourselves to producing
consumer products from pure natural sources. Ours is indeed, a very small beginning compared to the magnitude of the problem but if we all join hands, it is not an insurmountable one. Let us begin by openly expressing  our disillusionment and concern.

We at GHP- Naturals(India) invite you all to join us in our journey