How does GHP-Naturals (India) Hair Oil Work?

Hair Follicle   present under the skin in its deeper layers is an all important organelle responsible for maintenance of hair health, growth, re- growth and new growth of hair. What we see outside as hair is actually a dead structure. Hair follicle needs Nutrients for healthy hair growth, circulatory stimulants for good supply of nutrients and oxygen, hair follicle stimulants for new hair growth and tissue regenerators to replace the dead hair follicle. It also requires antibacterial, antifungal and anti oxidants substances for protection from infection and free radical damage In addition hair follicle needs hormones like testosterone and inhibitors of di-hydro-testosterone for promoting hair growth and preventing hair damage and hair fall respectively. Natural scalp skin barrier does not permit absorption of water and water soluble compounds and only permits   partial absorption of high molecular size lipids of oils Therefore the effect of commonly used hair oils and other commercially available hair care products only temporarily change the appearance of the hair; they do not really reach the hair follicle in the deeper layers of the skin and contribute to its functioning. GHP-Naturals (India) Hair oil contains  carefully selected  Natural Oils, Herb Infused Oils and Essential Aromatic Oils that comprehensively cover all hair requirements for lustrous, shiny  and bouncy hair, prevent hair fall and promote growth, re-growth and new hair growth and also prevent hair infections and dandruff. GHP- Naturals (India) Hair oil is an especially processed Natural oil blend with enhanced skin absorption. It is non greasy, quick absorbing and has a naturally pleasant fragrance. It is free from any synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and synthetic colouring agents.
How to apply GHP- Naturals Hair Oil for best results
Only a small quantity of the hair oil is applied per application in the roots of the hair with a Roll on Tube
  • Best time to apply is every night before going to bed till the desired results are obtained
  • The scalp skin should be made clean and dry prior to application of the hair Oil
  • Rub the roller of the roll on tube with the oil on the scalp skin from one end to another covering the entire scalp
  • Finally apply on the hair loss patches maintaining the original hair line on the forehead
  • Gently comb the hair with a loose comb
  • Wash hair with a gentle shampoo at least twice a week
What Not to Do
  • Leave the hair oil bottle or the roll on tube uncapped for even for a short period of time
  • Apply oil just on the surface of the hair with hands
  • Use other oil/s either prior to or along with the use of GHP- Naturals (India) Hair Oil
  • Dilute the oil with any other oil
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