How Does GHP- Naturals (India) Massage Oil Work

GHP- Naturals (India) Massage Oil+ is a specially prepared blend of Natural Oils , Herb infused Oils and aromatic essential oils with enhanced skin absorption for relief of pain, stiffness and swelling of skeletal muscles and joints of the entire body irrespective of the underlying cause.

Autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, infections and trauma are some of the common causes of muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

There are two types of pain receptors present in  joints: Those that respond to chemical mediators produced by inflammatory conditions of the joint and those that respond to hypoxia  due to reduction in blood supply and hence oxygen as a result blood vessel changes generally associated with many systemic and degenerative diseases; the more common being diabetes, hypertension and peripheral vascular disorders. Muscles with their tendons attached to bony structures of the join work in tandem to produce movement of that joint. In response to joint pain these muscles immediately go into a protective spasm More often than not, in doing so, the muscle spasm causes more damage to the already inflamed or degenerated joint structures and a vicious cycle sets in

GHP- Natural (India) Massage Oil’s+ carefully selected natural ingredients and especially prepared natural oil blend contains organic compounds.(demonstrated by using highly specialized  analytical techniques) with known pharmacological action on:

  • Pain receptors to reduce pain
  • Receptor for production of chemical mediators of inflammation to reduce inflammatory response.
  • Blood vessels to increase circulation thereby improving oxygen supply.

GHP- Naturals (India) Massage oil+ with enhanced skin absorption when applied locally over the affected muscle or joint absorbs quickly to reach the local blood supply and relieves muscle and joint pain and stiffness. Gradually the swelling subsides too.

As the GHP-Naturals (India) Massage Oil+ is directly applied on the skin over the affected muscle and joint it is free from systemic side effects  so commonly seen with oral pain killers.

How to Apply Massage Oil+     

Sit comfortably on a bed with both the legs stretched as far as possible in front of you.

Make sure the skin of the legs is clean and dry.

Only a small quantity of the massage oil needs to be applied with the roll on tubes in a unidirectional manner forming only a thin layer of oil on the skin surface.

For Knee joint pain and stiffness start:

  • From the sole of the foot
  • Go under the ankles on both sides.
  • Move over to the calf muscles on the back of the leg.
  • Apply all over the Knee Joint.
  • Move over to the front and back muscles of the thigh.
Allow the oil to get absorbed for a minute or so and then move palm of the hand over the entire area for more uniform oil application.

Wait for 2-3 minutes more and then cover and keep legs warm.

Apply Massage oil twice a day once in the morning and again at bed time. If required, an additional application can be made during the day.

What Not to Do

  • Leave the oil bottle or roll on tube without the cap for even a short period.
  • Apply any other oil prior to oil application or simultaneously.
  • Mix the oil with any other oil
For other joints apply the Massage oil on skin over the joints and muscles attached to it.

How Does GHP- Naturals (India) Massage Oil Work