DR. MKS AYUR DE- PSORA (Psoriasis Oil)




Psoriasis is a chronic, relapsing, immunologically induced inflammatory condition of the skin but may also involve nails and joints. Primarily, oxidative stress induces T cell abnormalities and triggers an uncontrolled inflammatory cell infiltration, proliferation of epidermal skin cells and angiogenesis. The result is formation of plaques with white scales. Inflamed they are itchy and irritating and therefore cause lot of emotional stress.

DR.  MKS AYUR DE- PSORA Oil is a quick absorbing natural oil rich in antioxidants, anti- inflammatory organic compounds, anti- bacterial/ antifungal organic compounds that help in rapidly clearing scales, reducing swelling, and control irritation. The oil keeps the skin moisturized and eventually removes the scars.

DR.  MKS AYUR DE-PSOARA oil also contains organic compounds that can regulate natural death of inflammatory cells present in excess at the inflammatory site of Psoriasis skin lesions. The oil when applied at the very start of the new eruption interferes with its progression and reduces healing time.

How to Use the Oil

Apply a thin layer of the oil on the Psoriasis plaque 1-3 times daily and rub it in if possible.

Store at room temperature in a dark place.





(Psoriasis Oil)