DR. MKS’ TULSI Nasya Inhaler




Dr. MKS Tulsi Nasya Inhaler is prepared from Tulsi Oil that

  • is an immunity booster  that prevents viral and bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract.
  • relieves allergy symptoms of blocked nose, nasal congestion and cough.

It contains organic compounds that have medicinal value as well as health benefits.

 How does the inhaler work?

When you insert the inhaler in the nostril and breathe in deeply, vapours of Tulsi Oil reach the nasal cavity and sinuses. Some go down to the lower respiratory tract and lungs. These vapours, packed with active organic compounds, come in direct contact with the cells of the mucous membrane lining the upper respiratory tract. This is where viruses, bacteria and allergens, first attach themselves to the host cells, multiply and cause local infection before spreading to the lungs or start an allergic reaction. The direct intervention of the Tulsi Oil, loaded with organic compounds, at the very source of entry, helps both to prevent as well as eradicate infections. The anti allergic and anti inflammatory properties of the oil, control and modify allergic reactions and allergies.

Tulsi Nasya Inhaler is user friendly, safe and inexpensive.

How to Use the Tulsi Nasya Inhaler

DR. MKS TULSI Nasya Inhaler Details