GHP-Naturals (India) Hair Oil




  GHP – Naturals (India) Hair Oil is a specially prepared blend of Natural Oils, Herb Infused Oils and Aromatic Essential Oils with enhanced skin absorption to help:
  • Revitalize weak limp, dry, damaged, colourless, fuzzy over- treated hair to restore colour, shine, bounce and volume.
  • Reduce Hair Fall.
  • Prevent Bacterial and Fungal Infections of the Scalp.
  • Clear Dandruff.
  • Stimulate Growth, Re – Growth and New Hair Growth.
How does it work?                Normal scalp skin barrier is impermeable to most liquids except for a very limited absorption of the oils. The nutrients required for hair nutrition and growth therefore cannot reach the Hair Follicle situated in deeper layers of the skin which is responsible for all aspects of hair growth. GHP- Naturals( India) Hair Oil blend with enhanced skin absorption rapidly penetrates the skin barrier and reaches deeper layers of the skin  to provide  the hair follicle with carefully selected nutrients and  stimulants for healthy hair growth.
How to apply GHP- Naturals Hair Oil for best results

How does GHP-Naturals (India) Hair Oil Work?