Dr. MKS – SYNOVIA lubricant Natural Oil prepared specially from hips of wild roses is a quick absorbing natural lubricant for joints and muscles.
Dr. MKS Natural SYNOVIA lubricant Oil for smooth movement of muscle and joint has been processed especially to increase skin absorption of the oil for deep penetration into muscles and joint tissue. On gentle rubbing over the skin covering the afflicted joint or muscle, the oil rapidly reaches damaged tissues underneath to delivers its naturally present lubricants, circulatory stimulants, anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating compounds.
  • Reduce joint pain and inflammation
  • Prevent ongoing damage to joint cartilages and articulating bone surfaces during movement.
  • Overall repair and regeneration of joint structures: bone, cartilage, synovial membrane and attached muscles
  • Achieve smooth, pain free joint movement.
  • Improve circulation and mobility of small joints of hand and feet fingers.

How to Apply Massage Oil+     

Store the oil at room temperature in a cool dry place.


Synovia healing with pure Natural Oils