Dr. MKS Synovia healing with pure Natural Oils

Dr. MKS Synovia natural lubricant prepared from wild rose hips is deep penetrating oil for lubricating synovial lining of muscles and joints.

 Reduce joint pain and inflammation
 Prevent ongoing damage to joint cartilages and articulating bone surfaces during movement.
 Overall repair and regeneration of joint structures: bone, cartilage, synovial membrane and attached muscles
 Achieve smooth, pain free joint movement.
 Improve circulation and mobility of small joints of hand and feet fingers.

How does Dr. MKS- Synovia Lubricant Natural Oil Work?
Joints give us mobility. By the very nature of their function, they are constantly exposed to physical stress, strain and trauma of daily life that results in more common osteoarthritis type of degenerative problems of joints. They are also frequently the target of many autoimmune diseases, accidents and infections.

Even though, the causative factors and pathological changes in each group of joint ailment are different, symptoms of pain, swelling, and stiffness of joints and muscles causing limitation of movement are common to all. In most cases simple blood tests and x-rays are helpful in
arriving at the correct diagnosis.

What causes joint tissue damage?
A typical synovial joint like the knee joint is enclosed in a cavity filled with lubricating fluid called synovial fluid (Figure)The cavity is lined by Synovial membrane whose cells produce the synovial fluid.

Inflammatory conditions of the joint and damage to articulating cartilages due to wear and tear result in decreased synovial fluid due to damage to the synovial membrane and reduction in available joint space to hold the fluid.

Synovial fluid along with the joint cartilages normally provides a cushion that during movement absorbs shock, prevents friction between articulating surfaces of the joint bones and damage to joint cartilages and articulating bone ends.

Irrespective of the cause of inflammation or pain, as a protective mechanism, muscles responsible for movement of the joint immediately go into spasm, thereby perpetuating joint cartilage damage further.

Age and many diseases like hypertension, diabetes and atherosclerosis that over a period of time result in reduced peripheral circulation cause stiffness of toes, ankle joint and knees thereby limiting mobility of the individual and even creating body imbalance.

What causes joint pain?
1. Direct damage to the joint tissue and the associated inflammatory response. Chemical mediators produced during the inflammatory response cause pain, swelling and oedema of joint tissues.

2. Anoxia resulting from reduction in peripheral blood circulation associated with age related diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension and diabetes is a strong stimulus for joint and muscle pain.

3. Reduction in joint synovial fluid adversely effects lubricating and cushioning effect of the synovial fluid in the joint, thus exposing the articulating bone surfaces to greater friction and pain during joint movement.

4. Damaged cartilages of the joints in degenerative diseases are unable to protect articulating bone surfaces from progressive damage and the resulting pain and limitation of joint movement. Normally, Joint cartilages along with synovial fluid provide a well lubricated cushion for articulating surfaces of the bones.

Management of Joint pain and Tissue Damage Requires:
1. Control of inflammatory process in the joints.
2. Increase in local blood circulation for reducing hypoxia and improving oxygen supply to joint tissues.
3. Increase in joint circulation to improve nutrient supply to joint structures for maintenance of their normal health, repair and regeneration of damaged cartilages and articulating bony surfaces.

The approach adopted by GHP – Naturals India and Brand Dr. MKS in developing oils for joint related problems is based on direct joint delivery of natural organic compounds known to control inflammatory processes, improve local circulation and relieve local anoxia, as well as, nutrients required for maintenance of normal health, repair and regeneration of joint tissues.

Clinically tested, GHP- Naturals India’s ‘ Massage Oil ’ and Brand Dr. MKS Synovia Lubricant Natural Oil comprehensively help to meet the above mentioned requirement for pain free muscle and joint movement, as well as, those for repair and rejuvenation of damaged joint structures, especially those associated with osteoarthritis.

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Synovia healing with pure Natural Oils